• SCMTS: A self-reliant industry leader that can meet all demands of production

  • We use eco-friendly raw material to produce quality and trendy clothing

  • SCMTS has established a variety of brands that are leading the textile market

  • Started with just 14,400 spindles and grown to a capacity of 66,000 spindles

About Us

We are an ‘all under one roof’ textile solutions provider offering a wide range of textile products.

Spinning a yarn is an art that we have mastered with years of hands-on experience that has helped us create end-to-end textile solutions and gain in-depth knowledge. Our expertise with cutting edge technology facilitates us to address all aspects of textile requirements right from scratch. From procuring the best raw materials in the market to creating the finest textile products, we have come a long way. Our extensive product line includes Slubs, Blends, Specials with several sub-products to choose from.

We started with just 14,400 spindles and are currently operating with 66,000 spindles capacity. This has been only possible because of our aim to excel and be an ‘all under one roof’ solution for every textile need. Along these years we have woven several lasting relationship with our customers which was only possible with our dedicated team who stand by our strong ethos and values. The company was launched in 2003 near Coimbatore and is now one of the leading textile companies in the market today. Our success story is poised to continue and we look forward to spinning more to it.


Our individuality comes with the fact that we cater to every component of textile industry. The “all under one roof” approach has taken years of consistent commitment and excellent service to achieve what we have been able to.

The diverse range of products existing on our list makes it convenient for the customers to deal all their textile requirements in one go. Our aim to produce quality goods has enhanced the business in terms of customer relations and profitability. From slubs, blends to Lycra products, we take care of every textile spinning requirement that exists in the market. Our focus to improve the product line and add new ones has been feasible due to innovative ideas and skilled minds that help to ‘Spin your Dreams’.

SCM Textile Spinners is making tremendous progress and has an annual turnover of 250 crores which is only growing bigger every year. We focus on delivering quality products not just for export but also to make a difference to domestic markets. We promise to continue our efforts and strive to make the business profitable to the stakeholders as well as the employees who are contributing to it.

The seed for Space Group was planted in 1992 and has been growing strong ever since. The group started its services in diverse sectors such as textiles, spinning, jewellery, retailing and the like. The Group is actively involved in the energy production sector too, and has ventured into every aspect of the textile industry. With a whopping sales turnover of about 1,280 crores, the group has a net worth of 450 crores and above. With an aim to accomplish more, it is concentrating on improvising the standards of services and is putting every stone in place to surpass the customer’s expectations. Our expertise comes from our extended family known as TCS (The Chennai Silks) which is also a part of the Space Group.


The Chennai Silks

  • Possibly the largest textile kingdom in Tamilnadu

Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai

  • A series of outlets housing exquisite and exclusive Jewellery

Space Energy Divisions

  • Harnessing Green Power

KKV (I) Associates

  • A Class Apart

Sri Nachammal Vidyavani

  • School of Excellence