• Producers of Slubs, Blends and specials with many sub-products

  • Progressive annual turnover of 250 crores which grows annually

  • Spinning new endeavours to excel


Our well-planned infrastructure makes it convenient for us to diversify and have a complete production house which involves various textile functions, reflecting our ‘all under one roof’ offerings. Even though we started with only about 14,400 spindles in 2003, our current capacity is 66,000 spindles and we are aiming to reach 1,00,000 spindles very soon with 15% compact spindles. The Lakshmi Caipo attachment installed in the premises helps us in injecting any fibre on any base material. Our energy independence with the help of solar and wind energy have pushed us always to meet the customer’s orders across global markets. This means we have an uninterrupted production round the year.

The state-of-the-art machinery helps in achieving superior quality organic cotton yarn from counts Ne 20's to Ne 60's. We also produce yarn blends from counts Ne 20's to Ne 50's.

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