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  • SCMTS: One of the fastest growing textile spinning companies in the industry

  • Processes, Technology, and Resources to ensure we never sacrifice quality

  • SCMTS possesses state-of-the-art machinery powered by renewable energy


Our all products quality will meet International market expectations. With our well-coordinated infrastructural set-up, we are gaining expertise in the production of various specialty yarns. Targetting a spindleage capacity of 100000 spindles with 15% compact spindles, we propose to further augment our infrastructure and ensure sustained growth in production.

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Introducing Tangent – our brand of 100% Cotton, Cotton Slubs, Lenzing Micromodal, Lenzing Tencel, Lenzing Viscose represent a breakaway – a ‘tangential quality’ of purity and superiority, makes fabulous textile products.

100% Cotton Slubs: Our technology can help us offer pure cotton slubs which can be further used in the production of knitted garments. Slubs come in varying thickness and we are able to provide you products that perfectly suit your specifications. Slub yarn might look defective in the first sight but it actually adds a character to the apparel by making them appear fabulous. There is a huge demand in the fashion fabrics with slubs of different thickness and we cater to all of them efficiently.

Tangent Slubs:

• Tangent Short Slub • Tangent Medium Slub • Tangent Long Slub • Tangent Extra Long Slub • Tangent Reverse Slub • Tangent Micro Slub • Tangent Nano slub • 100% Cotton Slubs • 100% Lenzing Micromodal • 100% Lenzing Tencel • 100% Lenzing Viscose

You may blend, but what remains still intact is its splendour. Introducing our blend combinations that reflect splendour - ’Splendura’. Splendura blends are preferred as they provide the finished product with strength and richness.

Blends: These are the products which result by combining two or several fibers to create rich textiles. Choose from our range of blends which are further utilised to create some stunning fashion fabrics. Some of the common yarn blends are polyester, viscose, modal and cotton. At times the yarn is combined for strength and at times for the finesse of the final product gains after the whole process. We offer all kinds of blend yarn to manufacturers across borders.

Splendura Blends:

• Splendura Viscose Blend • Splendura Polyester Blend • Splendura Modal Blend • Splendura Tencel Blend • Splendura Micro Modal Blend • Splendura Tri-blend of Polyester, Cotton and Viscose

Flexibility is resilience and the ability to move from a preferred state to an expanded list of alternatives. ‘Flexile’ is a brand from the house of SCMTS which comprise high elasticity and copious retention capacity, essentially made of Lycra yarn.

Lycra: These products are soft, comfortable, fit perfectly, and complement movement. Lycra can be stretched to almost 4-7 times its original length and can still remain intact. It has a unique weave pattern to it, which gives it flexibility and strength. When Lycra yarn is combined with another fibre we get output that has elasticity and retention capacity. Since its inception, Lycra - with its durability and outstanding elasticity - has revolutionised the clothing industry worldwide. SCMTS takes great pride in showcasing its Flexile brand of Lycra-wear which is popular, is of great quality, and has multiple uses in the apparel domain.

Flexile Special:

• Flexile Lycra Core Spun (from counts of 16s to 40s)

Startile comprises a range of products that are our best selling products and brands. A product is given a badge of being a Star Product because of its technical superiority, output texture and hot-selling nature of the product. We are proud to introduce our top of the line range – our ‘Star’ quality products that will let you indulge in the richness of cotton, viscose and polyester with unmatched quality and standards.

Star products: These products are the result of the combination of two or several other fibres to create a form of rich textiles. Choose from our range of blends which are further utilised to create some stunning 'Star' quality fashion fabrics. Some of the common yarn blends under this range are,

Startile Products:

• Polyester Injected Slub (on cotton base with 5% polyester) • Polyester injected slub (on viscose base with 5% Polyester) • Polyester injected slub (on poly viscose base with 5% Polyester) • Poly Cotton Grindle yarn • Poly Viscose Grindle yarn • Poly Modal Grindle yarn • Poly cotton blended slub • Poly cotton grindle slub

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