We at SCMTS are committed to maintaining stringent standards to ensure continued impeccable quality in our products. Nothing denotes success and progress other than a client happy with the quality of your product. A customer's delight with what our products, and delivery processes indicates our commitment to quality. Our assurance and never-changing desire to maintain quality has won applause from clientele ranging from the USA, Germany, Korea, Sri Lanka, Portugal.

We adhere to standards introduced by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OCS (Organic Cotton Standard) and the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) in our processes and produce. Here at SCMTS, we don’t refer to the USTER standards as rigorous – to us they are the norm.

• USTER AFIS • USTER Evenness tester UT4 • USTER Tensojet UT4 • Statex TPI Tester • Statex CSP System

Quality Certificates


The long list of old and new customers stands as a testimony to our products. When client representatives visit our facilities, they are not only convinced about our infrastructure, but their trust increases multi-fold, when they meet our ‘yarn experts’.

We always put our customers on top priority and work around to try and excel their expectations. When customers choose SCMTS as their partners, we walk the extra mile to fulfil the orders and create lasting relationships built on honesty and trust.


SCMTS has a long history of commitment to the environment, a philosophy that has begun since the inception of the company. Today this philosophy guides our product design, our manufacturing operations, our innovative technologies, and our public policies. We have always taken an aggressive stance toward energy efficiency, and dependence on renewable resources. We aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable energy. We make a distinction between our on-site initiatives that generate and use renewable energy, and the renewable energy purchased from the national electricity grids in the location where we operate.

Employee Welfare

All our employees at SCMTS follow a Code of Conduct. Their dedication and sincerity to the code is assuring. In the same manner, we ensure that our employees feel just as cared for, as they care about the company. We ensure that all our employees from all departments and division are given proper training and introduced to procedural practices at the outset. The safety of our employees is uppermost in our mind, and thus we ensure that they are equipped to deal with any untoward incident. We conduct mock drills in order to keep our employees prepared to deal with an emergency. We also organise Yoga to help them de-stress. SCMTS appreciates and encourages our employees to study further and thus have programmes in place to facilitate higher studies. It is crucial for one to maintain a perfect balance between their professional and personal lives, and we at SCMTS strive to create exactly that for our employees. For employees who have joined us from other cities, states, villages, and towns, we have provided comfortable hostel accommodation facilities for both men and women. We acknowledge the fact that our employees are our strength and the key to our success.

Prevention Of Sexual Harassment Policy


  • SCM Textile Spinners fosters equal opportunity to all employees and is committed to create a healthy working environment that enables employees to work without fear of prejudice, gender bias and sexual harassment.

  • The Company also believes that all employees of the Company have the right to be treated with equality, honour and dignity.

  • Sexual harassment at the work place or other than work place involving employees is a grave offence as well as serious misconduct and is, therefore, punishable.