Our simple ability to produce a wide range of yarn under one roof is what sets us apart from the rest. To top it up we produce high quality products that has helped the customers to place their trust in us for any kind of small and large orders. Our Research and Development team with their meticulous planning and effort has innovated constantly to bring in new products that are favorites in the market which in turn resulted as brands. With plenty of products to offer from the SCMTS research wing we have categorised and branded various product line. Our very own product “Madras Yarn” has created its own pool of regular customers. With the best cotton from West Africa and US, this signature yarn has been appreciated by not only the customers but also by the manufacturers across the world.

Under this brand there have been various products which are 100% cotton and pure products called Tangent. There are also blends which are called as Splendura, Lycra products under the brand Flexile. Among these, Startile is the badging given to the most technically advanced and star products from SCMTS.

Raw Materials

It goes without saying that good quality raw material plays a crucial role in the production of quality yarn and fabric. It is important that it absorbs and imparts a sense of nature within. The selection of raw materials and its sources depends on the production standards and policies of a company. SCMTS understands that and acknowledges the importance of preservation of natural resources, which is why all methodologies and processes for obtaining our raw material are 100% eco-friendly. We have an acclaimed and established network of sources, which enable us to retain quality and eco-friendliness. This is applicable to both- processed, or un-processed raw material. The various types that we procure are Lenzing Modal - energy resource conserving soft fibre, Lenzing Viscose - a moisture absorbing, naturally botanic cellulose fibre, Lenzing Tencel - an eco-friendly and botanically obtained fibre, extracted from beech wood, Lycra - blended with cotton which stretches for comfort and certified Reliance Recron - a soft-textured fibre. We use top-notch products from Aditya Birla and Reliance groups to ensure that there is zero compromise on the end product’s quality. Additionally, we are aware of the value of sustainable development and the usage of renewable raw materials.

This promise of quality, and high benchmarks has enabled SCMTS to lead by example with ethical business practices, and maintain its position at the top of the chain in the industry.

Raw Material Brands